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Seraph of the End - Yuichiro Hyakuya

Seraph of the End - Yuichiro Hyakuya


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Hyakuya Yuichiro is the main protagonist of the Owari no Seraph series. He is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and Shinoa Hiragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company. He, along with Mikaela Hyakuya, possesses the "Seraph" gene, which is relevant to the forbidden taboo and the focal point of the story, "Seraph of the End." "Buy the Seraph of the End Yuichiro Hyakuya Cosplay Costume now and be Yuichiro Hyakuya for a day!"

Costume is made of Polyester

Costume Color: Dark Blue, Red and White


Chest 32"
Waist 31"
Hip 31"
Inseam 28.5"
Length 62.5"

Package Includes:
  • Coat
  • Trousers
  • Gloves
  • Sam Browne Belt
  • Web Belt

Safety Warning:

1. We recommend hand washing all of our Costume in gentle soap or shampoo.
2. Do not Dry Clean, Bleach or Iron, we recommend using steam Iron.

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