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Roeselle Swimsuit

Roeselle Swimsuit


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The two-piece swimsuit allows you to show off the style. Designed to look great in and out of the water.
  • Two-Piece
  • Triangle Bikini Top
  • Wireless
  • Self-Tie Halter and Back Straps


Brand Kurba
Color White
Material Spandex
Size Small to Medium



Getting the look that is sure to turn heads is a lot easier whenever you are able to wear this swimsuit. The two-piece swimsuit allows you to show off the style. Designed to look great in and out of the water this halter top style swimsuit ties behind the neck for adjustable control. Wide v-neckline opens up the chest and is connected in the center with the help of the large ring. Under the soft cups are elastic bands that maintain the position and ties behind the back. This tie allows you to have the ultimate control over the kind of fit you're going to get. Contour shape to the base helps you to feel confident in your look. Sporting a ring on both side, the elastic hip strap on the hip helps you to have the look that will turn some heads. Narrow coverage in the front and back maintain your look without showing more than you want to.

Rinse your swimsuit in cool water immediately after swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.

Hand wash your swimwear separately until any excess dye washes out. Most will bleed a little the first few times it is washed. This is normal and bleeding will stop.

Hand wash your swimsuit in cold water. It is always best to use a swimsuit cleaner which neutralizes chemicals that eat away at the material and extends the life of your new bathing suit. Regular soap cannot do this. However, if you do not have swimsuit cleaner, use a mild liquid soap or mild dish detergent. Rinse your suit thoroughly and allow it to drip dry in a shaded area.

To squeeze out excess water, roll your swimsuit in a clean, lint-free, towel that is light-colored and fade resistant. Squeeze lightly.

To remove a stain, work from the underside of the stain to push it out. Do not rub the stain into the fabric.

If a swimsuit is spot cleaned, air dry the suit. Then, if the stain is not gone, you may treat it again.


Size Small-Medium
Bust 32 -36
Waist 24.5 - 27
Hip 34 - 38
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