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Pinky Swimsuit

Pinky Swimsuit


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Get ready for Summer break and start shopping for exclusive swim wear! This two piece features short sleeve, solid black swimsuit. We're teaming this beau with some fierce shades for a summer vibe all day!
  • Two-Piece
  • Comfortable Fit


Brand Kurba
Color Black
Material Spandex
Size Small



Take your casual beach look to a whole new level by having this bikini on you. The top of this bikini has a unique look. It takes the look of a casual t-shirt and makes it into a sexy design element. This top has been made of a black material. If you like the look that you get when you wear a bikini bottom along with a tee shirt, you're going to love having a swimsuit like this in your collection.

The bottom of the set has a dropped waist. This is a smaller style cut bottom. The leg holes of this bottom have a more traditional style cut. Thin material is perfect to keep you cool throughout the summer while the short sleeves will help to offer you more protection from the sun.

Rinse your swimsuit in cool water immediately after swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.

Hand wash your swimwear separately until any excess dye washes out. Most will bleed a little the first few times it is washed. This is normal and bleeding will stop.

Hand wash your swimsuit in cold water. It is always best to use a swimsuit cleaner which neutralizes chemicals that eat away at the material and extends the life of your new bathing suit. Regular soap cannot do this. However, if you do not have swimsuit cleaner, use a mild liquid soap or mild dish detergent. Rinse your suit thoroughly and allow it to drip dry in a shaded area.

To squeeze out excess water, roll your swimsuit in a clean, lint-free, towel that is light-colored and fade resistant. Squeeze lightly.

To remove a stain, work from the underside of the stain to push it out. Do not rub the stain into the fabric.

If a swimsuit is spot cleaned, air dry the suit. Then, if the stain is not gone, you may treat it again.


Size Small
Bust 32 - 34
Waist 24.5 - 25.5
Hip 34 - 36
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