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Love Live! School Idol Project - Kotori Minami

Love Live! School Idol Project - Kotori Minami


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Minami Kotori is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 16 years old and a second year in Otonokizaka High School. She is also known as Legendary Maid Minalinsky while working in Akihabara. Kotori was born on September 12. She has grayish-brown hair, normally styled in a way where part of her hair is styled in a small chignon bun, and she has amber eyes. Her main color is gray, though she is commonly shown in green. She is part of Printemps, a mini idol unit. Her solo album is called Kotori, Lovin' You. Buy the Love Live! School Idol Project Kotori Minami Cosplay Costume now and be Kotori for a day!

Costume is made of Polyester

Costume Color: White, Green, Yellow Green


Chest 32"
Waist 29"
Hip 34"
Length 30"

Package Includes:
  • Inner Dress
  • Outer Dress (Sleeveless Coat)
  • Skirt
  • Gloves
  • Collar Ribbons

Safety Warning:

1. We recommend hand washing all of our Costume in gentle soap or shampoo.
2. Do not Dry Clean, Bleach or Iron, we recommend using steam Iron.

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