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Ghost Pirate

Ghost Pirate


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You have to give pirates credit for some creative means of death. Between walking the plank, getting keelhauled, and being marooned on a desert island, if you happened to die under a pirate flag, you at least were left with a pretty cool story for the afterlife. And if that afterlife included coming back to take care of unfinished business, all the better.

Costume is made of Polyester

Costume Color: Silver and Gray


Chest 30"
Waist 28"
Hip 34"
Length 25"

Package Includes:
  • Dress
  • Hat
  • Armpiece
  • Ribbon
  • Neck Choker
  • Thong

Safety Warning:

1. We recommend hand washing all of our Costume in gentle soap or shampoo.
2. Do not Dry Clean, Bleach or Iron, we recommend using steam Iron.

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