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Captain America Cape

Captain America Cape


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There are days when we are pretty satisfied with the comic superheroes out there. After all, there are a ton of them! They've got everything from flying abilities, to super speed, to even having the abilities to talk to squirrels! Sometimes we feel like there aren't anymore super powers left to use for anybody else in the world; but we're also strong advocates for the idea that there can never be too many superheroes! Is your child the next great one? Have they got an awesome idea for a superpower? Maybe for their birthday they've been asking for a chemistry set with extra plutonium included!

Cape is made of Polyester

Cape Color: Blue, Red and White


Width 26"
Length 21"

Package Includes:
  • Cape

Safety Warning:

1. We recommend hand washing all of our Costume in gentle soap or shampoo.
2. Do not Dry Clean, Bleach or Iron, we recommend using steam Iron.

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