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Ana Swimsuit

Ana Swimsuit


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For a sexy cool holiday at the seashore, remember to pack this sexy one piece swimsuit. Pair with a floppy hat and round frame shades to give your beach appearance extra touch.
  • Elegant
  • Fashionable
  • Skin-Friendly
  • Comfortable


Brand Kurba
Color Yellow
Material Spandex
Size Small to Medium



With this two-tone bikini, stand out on the beach this season! The Ana swimsuit will highlight your lovely curves and make you elegant and appealing. What a stylish one-piece set that matches and is a stunning color. With this gorgeous piece of work, you may show off your shape and spice up your love life.

We have the perfect bikinis for a diva like you when the hot summer days scream for poolside wear. Add this to your summer wardrobe for a sleek look! What a fantastic new style for the summer! It's impossible to go wrong with this classic bikini! It is soft and trendy, made of high-quality spandex.

Avoid sitting on concrete, wood, or stones by using a towel (pool edges). The fibers used to make this swimsuit are soft and comfortable against the skin, but they can be damaged by contact with such surfaces.

After each use, rinse your swimsuit thoroughly in clear water. Wash your swimsuit by hand, without detergent or other abrasive products, such as stain remover. For delicate items, use a laundry product or plain soap.

Never leave a wet swimsuit in its pouch: the prints may fade if the swimsuit is rolled up or folded while still wet.


Size Small to Medium
Bust 32 - 36
Waist 24.5 - 27
Hip 34 - 38
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