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Alma Swimsuit

Alma Swimsuit


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Alma Swimsuit will show your charming curves, make you chic and attractive. What a chic matching two piece set in gorgeous color.
  • Eye-Catching
  • Adorable
  • Comfortable
  • Two-Piece


Brand Kurba
Color Blue
Material Spandex
Size Small to Medium



When hot summer days call for pool perfect bikinis we have exactly what a diva like you is looking for. Sophisticated, daring and oh so sexy! This swimsuit will have you flaunt every inch of your gorgeous body! Get a slick look and add this to your summer wardrobe!

Exemplifying true swim style with its signature control and support, the Alma Swimsuit delivers the ultimate in fit, form and flattering function. Lively and alluring layers make for bold style combinations, showcasing a gorgeous, glamorous look from every angle.

Use a towel to sit on: avoid contact with concrete, wood or stones (pool edges). The fibres used in making this swimsuit are soft and comfortable on the skin but can be damaged by contact with such surfaces.

Rinse your swimsuit after each use: we advise you to rinse your swimsuit well in clear water after each use. Do not wash your swimsuit in the washing machine: we advise you to wash it by hand, without detergent or other abrasive product, such as stain remover. Use a laundry product for delicate items or simple soap.

Never leave your damp swimsuit in its pouch: the prints may discolour if the swimsuit remains rolled up or folded while still wet.


Size Small to Medium
Bust 32 - 36
Waist 24.5 - 27
Hip 34 - 38
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